Progressive awareness meditation (meditation for over-thinkers)


Do you struggle with meditating? Does your mind wander every time you try to do it? Progressive meditation is for those who’s mind’s drift off during meditation, and can’t stay focused on sitting in silence. This meditation isn’t about just sitting in silence, or or trying to release your energy, it actually combines several meditation techniques to help you achieve a meditation without your mind wandering. This mentoring session will help you to start meditating, even if you do have a mind that is not balanced, because I will teach you how to bring balance back to your mind and energy, so that you can meditate well.

Things we will cover in this mentoring session areā€¦

  • Breath work.
  • Grounding.
  • Being in the now.
  • Being in peace with your surroundings & environment.
  • Advanced meditation techniques to be able to open up to your heart centre and be more centred.
  • Re-aligning with your soul energy (soul re-alignment).
  • Being at one with the universe.
  • Being at one with nature.

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