Gridworking Workshop


    This 6 session 1 on 1 workshop covers everything you need to know from complete beginner, to advanced level gridworking. You do not need to have any experience, but you do need to be able to meditate well and have clairsentient abilities. You should feel drawn towards, or feel connected to working with spirits and energy. I will teach you how to connect with the grids, portals, as well as how to attract, heal and process spirits.

    Session 1: Building your spirit team – you will need to know your spirit team well, including Arachangel Michael, and how to connect to the Arcturians and other cosmic beings, so that they can assist your in your work. We will also cover boundaries, and protection.

    Session 2: Inter-dimensional travel part 1 – we will cover the vortexing and the astral realm and connect to the Earth via the astral realm.

    Session 3: Inter-dimensional travel part 2 – we will cover the spirit realm, and the energetic realm to work with energy and spirits.

    Session 4: Flowing energy from portals into targets.

    Session 5: Connecting to different portals and energy centres around the world, and understanding the difference between them, and how to harness their energy.

    Session 6: Downloading and uploading energy.

    This is a 1 on 1 workshop and will be done online via Facebook chat ‘video’ at times that work for you.

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