Flowing compassion meditation

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    Flowing compassion meditation – start with ‘focused meditation with breath work’ and then progress into into flowing your energy. Then bring your focus to your heart centre and expand your heart with every inhale through your nose. As you do this, the light in your heart expands. As you exhale through your nose, you increase the light in your body. Continue until the light is all in your body. Then increase the energy of light and compassion and feel it increase. then take a deep breath in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth to flow the light into your aura. Repeat this 10 times until you feel the high energy of love and light flowing through you and into your aura. Now bring your awareness back to your heart, and think of someone who need love and compassion, and flow your light and compassion to them. Strengthen feelings of compassion, kindness, and acceptance toward oneself and others. It typically involves opening the mind to receive love from others and then sending well wishes to loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and all living beings.
    Because this type of meditation is intended to promote compassion and kindness, it may be ideal for those holding feelings of anger or resentment.