Past, present and future reading


A text reading will be typed up and sent to you through Facebook messenger, and an audio reading is more free flowing and there’s a much better connnection and you often get more out of it. Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid for your reading, so we can make further arrangements – or if it’s being done in a Facebook live, please let me know in the comments so that I know to do it for you.


15 card basic past, present and future reading

In a past, present and future reading. it is very detailed and informative and it consists of 15 cards, using 3 different spreads and decks. The first 5 card reading will be all about your past, and the second 5 card reading will be all about your present and now, and the third 5 card reading will be all about your future and what will likely come your way.

You can choose your reading to be either typed or whether I record it and then send it to yout Facebook inbox.

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Layout of the past, present and future reading

Starter question: What does ‘xyz’ need to know about his/her past, present and future?

  1. What do I need to know about my past?
  2. What have been my challenges or blocks in my past?
  3. How is my past affecting me?
  4. What can I learn from my past?
  5. What should I let go of from my past?
  6. What do I need to know about my present life?
  7. What are my present challenges or blocks?
  8. What are my opportunities?
  9. What should I focus on?
  10. Outcome?
  11. What do I need to know about my future?
  12. What are my likely challenges or blocks?
  13. How will my now affect my future?
  14. What are my opportunities in my future?
  15. Outcome
What type of reading?

15 card (past, present and future) Typed $29.99, 15 card (past present, and future) Audio $29.99