Next level healing


Next level healing is a group workshop that will help you on your journey from spiritual awakening to spiritual enlightenment. It aims to help people to heal from their past, and to work on their self development and spiritual abilities. In a jam packed, topic filled group mentoring course, you will learn how to do a variety of techniques, as well as raise your vibration, awareness and live a full, abundant life. You don’t need to have any experience to do this course, as it’s suitable for all levels.

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Level One
(Detaching from the old self)

1) Energy Management & mindfulness

2) Karmic Clearing

    • Clearing away the baggage from your past, and your past lives.
    • Learning how to detach from things that don’t serve you or benefit you).
    • Soul Realignment (soul realingment, bringing soul energy back, memory of your past from your soul, soul embodiment, soul discovery).

3) Emotional Healing

    • Understanding and overcoming your negative influences.

4) Being present & embracing the new

Level Two
(Creating your new self)

1) Turning on your light

    • Understanding, feeling, and flowing unconditional love & compassion. Inner & outer expressions of love without expectation. Bringing more joy & happiness to your life.

2) Higher Awareness

    • Creating conscious awareness (conscious vs sub-conscious, and un-conscious mind), observing, intuitive journalling, de ja vu, synchronicities.

3) Higherself Channeling

    • Who am I? Self discovery, akashic records & understanding your higherself.

4) Universal Alignment

    • Divination, pendulum readings, co-creating with the universe.
    • How the universe works.

Level Three
(Mastering the self)

1) Connecting with your spirit guides and angel team

2) Activating your psychic senses

    • Developing & using your intuition, usings your gifts and abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience etc).

3) Astral travel & the spirit realm

    • Connecting with spirits, exploring the astral realm, anchoring light shields, downloading light, grounding light.

4) Higher Perception

    • New thought, new ways of thinking and looking at things, new perceptions, layers of thought, layers of reality, relativity, polarity.


Every Sunday at: 10:00am PST/12:00 CST/13:00 EST/18:00 UK/11:30pm India (Monday morning)/02:00am AWST (Monday morning)/03:00am ACST (Monday morning)/04:00am AEST (Monday morning)

Which level?

All levels ($10 discount) $109.99, 1st Level $39.99, 2nd Level $39.99, 3rd Level $39.99