Inner child healing course


This is a 4 session (1 to 1.5 hours each) 1 on 1 video mentoring session, where we will take a look at your shadow side, the things you don’t know about yourself. There are no recorded or written materials, this is all done on live mentoring sessions just between me and you (either zoom or Facebook messenger video chat). Doing this course is cheaper than doing 4, 1 on 1 mentoring session separately.

1st Session: Life Purpose.

2nd Session: Soul Realignment.

3rd Session: Discover and connect with your angels and spirit guides.

The name shown on your bill will be
'Supinya Changkhao' - NOT 'Chris McBride'

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1st Session (Soul Realignment): In this video session, you will learn breath work,  let go of thinking and any attachment to the mind and body, 5th dimensional attunement (filling up with unconditional love and then flowing it). You will learn how to navigate away from your mind, realign with your soul and to stay grounded.

2nd Session (Purging & Energy Management): In this session, we will mainly focus on your triggers and reactions, and discussing ways for you to purge and fully let go of the old and relieving stress, over-thinking and anxiety. We also will focus more on your grounding and managing and balancing your energy.

3rd Session (Life Purpose): In this session, we will look at your life purpose and what you are here to learn and do. We will also cover cosmic origins, ending limiting beliefs, goal setting & opening yourself up to your full potential.

4th session (The 3 A’s: Acknowledge, Accept, Action): Understanding the 3 A’s is crucial to stay emotionally balanced and to keep your life flowing.