Chakra healing, balancing & tuning


Did you know that when the chakra’s are imbalanced, then your energy and body also is imbalanced. To fix this, it’s not as simply as fixing the chakra’s, but you must also take a look at what your blocks are and work on them so that you can prevent the things that blocked your chakra’s from blocking them again. Your aura is also affected when your chakra’s are bloacked, and this can make you feel off too. We also cleanse the aura in this system and recharge and realign your energy centres.

Sometimes for any number of reasons our chakra’s can fall out of balance and alignment. I will do a full system restore with you which will unblock your chakra’s, realign them, and get your energy flowing properly again. This session will be a chakra balancing and healing session, but also I will teach you how to understand each chakra properly and how they connect to our energy, mind and body, and how to fine tune their meditations to each chakra to allow it to get to the root of the problem which unblocking the chakra’s as well. This is a 1 hour session.

Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid, so we can make further arrangements.

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