Being a skilled empath


In this 1 hour session, we will cover the purpose of an empath, and how you fit into it with your path, life purpose and past. We will also look at how energy affects you, including over-thinking, emotions and cover ways to shield so that the energy doesn’t stay within you for too long, and how to also prevent the energy for being absorbed, without you having to block yourself from others. We will take a look at the spiritual being of empathy which is what a true empath has, and how to work with it and use it to your advantage. There are 3 session to cover in this package, but you can either buy the package at a discount, or buy each session individually when you’re ready.

1st session (1 hour $54.99) = Understanding your past, and learning the lessons from it, and setting yourself free from the ties of your past. We will also cover, energy management and shielding in this session.

2nd session (1 hour $54.99) = In this session we will cover working on your intuition spiritual ability of empathy as an empath, raise your awareness, work on your observation and change your perception to be able to be more intuitive and live in the now, and be able to live a happier life and lifestyle.

3rd session (1 hour $54.99) = We will work on your other gifts and abilities too and enhance them, and how you can help others as well as yourself. We will also take a look at your life purpose, and if we have enough time, we will look at where in the universe you’re from (your cosmic identity) and how to work on and develop your life purpose.

Discounted to $133.99 (usually $164.97, saving $30.98).

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    1st session $54.99, 2nd session $54.99, 3rd session $54.99, All 3 sessions (discounted) $133.99