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  • (Free) Learn how to meditate


    This is a 1 hour mentoring session where you will learn how to meditate.

    Do you find yourself being unable to meditate on your own without Youtube video’s guiding you. Do you need more meditation abilities than what you have now

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    1 hour video call reading


    Sale ends on 1st February 2023

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    1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions


    Sale ends on 1st February 2023

    For a 1 hour reading, just click on 1 session. Things change all of the time, and sometimes what we plan to work on changes because as you start to grow, what you need to work on and what you feel drawn towards also can change. Taking on a course, is great, but with this weekly 1 on 1 guidance sessions, it’s much more flexible because we can work on whatever it is you’ve been struggling with the previous week, or what you have been feeling drawn towards, rather than making plans to work on things in a set structure. If you buy the bundle of 4 sessions, you will save $20.  For a 1 hour reading, just click on 1 session

    What you need right now, might not be what you need in 2 weeks, because your experiences might change. This is a package of 4 sessions, taken weekly over the period of a month.  There is no subscription to this, and if you want to continue after the 4 sessions, you can simply purchase another package of 4 sessions.

  • 10 card reading


    With a 10 card reading, you can ask either a question, or I will do a general reading for you in the first reading, and in the second reading I will take a look at what you should focus on using oracle cards or angel cards.

  • 5 card reading


    With a 5 card reading, you can either ask a question or I will just do a general reading for you using oracle cards or angel cards.

  • 5D assessment report


    5D assessments will help you to see where you are on the 5D enlightenment scale. Once you’ve paid for your assessment, please contact me, and I will send you a list of questions to answer. Once I get your list of answers back, I’ll send you an assessment report of my findings based on your answers.

  • Card Readings

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    Chakra Reset


    Sale ends on 1st February 2023

    Did you know that when the chakra’s are imbalanced, then your energy and body also is imbalanced. To fix this, it’s not as simply as fixing the chakra’s, but you must also take a look at what your blocks are and work on them so that you can prevent the things that blocked your chakra’s from blocking them again.

    Sometimes for any number of reasons our chakra’s can fall out of balance and alignment. I will do a full system restore with you which will unblock your chakra’s, realign them, and get your energy flowing properly again. At the end of this session, I will teach you how to keep them unblocked and flowing well. This is a 1 hour session.

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    Discover your spirit guide and angel team and learn to connect with them


    Sale ends on 1st February 2023

    In this 1 hour mentoring session, I will teach you how to discover who your spirit guides are, and who your angels are and how you can maintain a strong connection with them and bring in intuitive messages from your spirit them.

  • Donations

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    Energy Management (learn to manage and balance your energy)


    Sale ends on 1st February 2023

    In this 1 hour mentoring session, you will earn how to stay in the now, to manage your energy and how to shield from other people’s energy without being affected by it.

    Learn how to live a happier life and live a better lifestyle with a higher vibration. You will also learn how to flow your energy and do breath work, and shield your energy from others. You will learn how to meditate and work with your thinking and emotions too.

    This is an energy management mentoring session, if you want to heal from your past, check out my inner child healing session.

  • Gift Vouchers (for my services)


    Do you want to buy a friend, family member or loved one a gift? You could buy them a reading or mentoring session with me.

    My prices…

    • 5 card reading $10.00.
    • 10 card reading $15.00.
    • 1 hour video guidance session/reading $54.99.
    • Weekly mentoring sessions (x4 1 hour sessions – click here for info) $199.99.
    • The ‘intuitive course’ (click here for info) $199.99.
    • The ‘inner child healing course’ (click here for info) $199.99.
  • Group mentoring sessions

    Join a group of like-minded individuals who you can open up to and share experiences with, and hear their stories as well as ask me question and get guidance from me. This will be held twice a week and organised through Facebook rooms, so only those who have subscribed to this can enter.

    The ‘group mentoring session’ room chats are spiritual and not religious and are created to help people to heal from their past, understand their experiences, manage their energy, understand heir spiritual awakening and much more. Each ‘group mentoring session’ room chat session will last 1.5 to 2 hours and, you can come and go as you need to.

    £19.99 GBP/$25 USD per month

  • Learn to understand Angel numbers, synchronicities & spiritual messages

    Some of the most common Angel numbers are 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 911 – but what do they mean? Many people search for the answers on a search engine. The problem with that is that Angel Numbers mean different things to different people, depending on what you were doing, thinking and feeling in the moment, and the Angel Number websites don’t know what you were doing, thinking and feeling, so they just give you some of the general meanings of the numbers – which is why each website will tell you something different.

    This will help you to understand Angel numbers, synchronicities & spiritual messages and is 2-3 hours long, spead over 2 appointments.

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    Life purpose/soul mission


    Sale ends on 1st February 2023

    This session is specifically to discover your life purpose and soul purpose, and why you are here. This is a 1 hour, 1 on 1 video call on Facebook chat messenger.

  • Past, present and future reading