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  • 5D assessment report


    5D assessments will help you to see where you are on the 5D enlightenment scale. Once you’ve paid for your assessment, please contact me, and I will send you a list of questions to answer. Once I get your list of answers back, I’ll send you an assessment report of my findings based on your answers.

  • Donations

  • Gift Vouchers (for my services)


    Do you want to buy a friend, family member or loved one a gift? You could buy them a reading or mentoring session with me.

    My prices…

    • 5 card reading $10.00.
    • 10 card reading $15.00.
    • 1 hour video guidance session/reading $54.99.
    • Weekly mentoring sessions (x4 1 hour sessions – click here for info) $199.99.
    • The ‘intuitive course’ (click here for info) $199.99.
    • The ‘inner child healing course’ (click here for info) $199.99.
  • Spirit attachment removal


    If you struggle with following the information below, or you need some extra help, then this session will help you to remove spirits in your home, and spirits that are attached to you. You don’t have to live in fear, that’s what they feed off of. this session is distant (done on video chat), but it’s also very affective. I don’t need to be in the room because energy travels, and so I can show you how to remove them. You will need a dried sage stick, salt (table salt is fine), and a small bottle of water. At the end of this session, your home will vibrate higher and be completely spirit free. However, you will need to work on you and raise your vibration too.

    Please bear in mind, in most cases the spirit/s can be removed easily. But if your home is situation on a natural portal or near and church or graveyard, it might not be so easy, as spirits are attracted to those things. I cannot guarantee it will work if you live near a church, graveyard or if your home was built on land where lots of death occured, such as a battle.

    To book a session for this, please contact me on Facebook here.