Polarity consciousness healing
Everything has an opposity and 2 polarities. Up and down is a polarity, left and right is also a polarity. Good and evil is another polarity and so on. When we think we understand something, we probably only understand a maximum of half of it, and understandning polarity is the key to understanding more. An example of this could be when your friend complains about her boyfriend. She tells you about the bad things he does and you take her side and agree that he’s a bad person. You haven’t considered what she did to provoke him, or what led up to this or what he involvement in it was. Another example could be when you vote, you take a side of one particular party, disagreeing with all those on the opposite side. When someone says something that pushed our buttons and triggers us, we can often act out of hurt and become emotional because we take things personally. We may look at their comments as harsh or unkind, and so therefore we may judge them being nasty towards us – therefore, in our minds, they are a bad person. What we often fail to see is the opposite to what we first think, such as… on one hand our logical, ego mind thinks they are a bad person who is trying to hurt us. On the other hand (the opposite polarity) we can understand that that person is hurt, and for them to hurt us – they must be hurt themselves. And when we understand that as well as what we first thought, we can often build a bridge between the two, or at least we can learn not to take things personally. This is because it isn’t personal, it’s always a reflection of themselves.

* Confusion Activated senses
Confusion often happens when we over-think. We need to let go of the thinking and observe. The universe around us is constantly showing us signs and messages. In the tv programs we watch, in the radion announcements, adverts, songs, movies and so on. It’s all communication to us. But we can only connect to it when we activate our senses. So we first of all need to lose the need for over-thinking and instead observe, observe, observe. When we notice a synchronicity then tune into it, feel the magic within it and connect to it’s vibration. Don’t over-think it, just fall in love with the magic of it and then write it down. You can activate your senses when you stop attaching to so much confusion. Many people try to think the way, and then get disappointed when our spirit guides, angel team, source/divine/God doesn’t answer us. In this situation we are trying to look externally for something that can only be found within. So oberse the way, and feel the way, and let go of the over-thinking and you will avoid confusion on your path. You then need to increase your levels of balance in your life, so get plenty of balancing meditations. Keep it simple and don’t try to do things like astral travel or other things which require you to use your third eye. This is because the third eye is also know as the minds eye. It’s connected to the mind, and that’s what we need to disconnect with more often. So ensure your meditations are simple, and just for balancing. Try root chakra balancing mediations and similar things to achieve this. Once you have let go of the over-thinking and are balancing, then you are open and unblocked and can pick up spiritual signs such as synchronicities, light codes/light language, messages from the universe/divine, as well as your spirit guides and angels. If you see angel numbers, write them down and don’t let them pass you by. Angel numbers are messages from angel, that have come from source (the divine). If you notice them, but don’t act upon them or even write them down, then you end up blocking yourself because you are receiving messages from spirit but not paying attention to them, and that causes you to block yourself. If you do see angels numbers, try studing core number meanings in pythagorean numerology, as well as master numbers and power numbers. If you understand them, you can understand angel numbers much easier. This will also help you to activate your senses.