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  • 1 hour introduction session (1st time discount, only $49.99)


    In a 1 on 1 video introduction session, it’s done of Facebook messenger video chat or on zoom, and it’s for 1 hour. You can ask me anything, and this is a great way or us to get to know each other, at a discounted price. This reading is for guidance and assistance to you in whatever situation you’re going through, or just to chat or whatever it is that you want to discuss. Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid for the introduction session, so we can make further arrangements – or if it’s being done in a Facebook live, please let me know in the comments so that I know to do it for you.

    Please note: This 1 hour video session is an introduction price only, and only available once. Afterwards, if you want to continue with doing 1 on 1 sessions, then you will be asked to buy mentoring sessions at the regular price.

  • 1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions


    For a 1 hour reading, just click on 1 session. However, things change all of the time, and sometimes what we plan to work on changes because as you start to grow, what you need to work on and what you feel drawn towards also can change. Taking on a course, is great, but with this weekly 1 on 1 guidance sessions, it’s much more flexible because we can work on whatever it is you’ve been struggling with the previous week, or what you have been feeling drawn towards, rather than making plans to work on things in a set structure.

    What you need right now, might not be what you need in a couple of weeks, because your experiences and priorities might change. Consider getting a package of 6 sessions, and get a massive $99.97 off)!

    Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid, so we can make further arrangements.

  • Chakra Tuning (tune up your chakra’s)


    Did you know that when the chakra’s are imbalanced, then your energy and body also is imbalanced. To fix this, it’s not as simply as fixing the chakra’s, but you must also take a look at what your blocks are and work on them so that you can prevent the things that blocked your chakra’s from blocking them again. Your aura is also affected when your chakra’s are bloacked, and this can make you feel off too. We also cleanse the aura in this system and recharge and realign your energy centres.

  • Discover your spirit guide and angel team


    In this 1 hour mentoring session, I will teach you how to discover who your spirit guides are, and who your angels are and how you can maintain a strong connection with them and bring in intuitive messages from your spirit them.

    Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid, so we can make further arrangements.

  • Energy management


    This session will help you to manage your energy using your awareness, mindfulness, and meditation. I will show you how to scan your energy, and how to do energy scanning techniques, so that you can check yourself, before you wreck yourself so to speak. But also, it will help you to prevent yourself from absorbing other people’s energy.will help you to scan your energy, understand what’s going on within you, and how to focus and work on things in the now.  This mentoring session will teach you how to be more mindful and more self aware, but especially to explore the things going on within you that you might usually miss.

    Things we will cover in this mentoring session are…

    • Breath work.
    • Grounding.
    • Self awareness.
    • Mindfulness.
    • Identifying your thoughts and working on them.
    • Identifying your emotions and healing from them.
    • Identifying your blocks and removing them.
    • Finding the ‘diagnosis, the cause, and the solution’ to your energy, emotions and your mindset.
  • Higher vibration meditation




    • Grounding.
    • Flowing your energy.
    • Shielding from other people’s energy.
    • Opening up & bringing higher vibrational energy in.
    • Bringing joy back to your life.
    • Being heart centred.
  • Higherself Channeling – unveil your inner truths and blocks


    In this higherself channeling session, I will take you through a meditation and then ask you questions where your higherself can reveal inner truths, answers, and information that will help you to understand your gifts and abilities, your life purpose and why you are here, and the things you need to work on. It will also help you to understand your energy and your blocks and the things that you struggle to understand.

  • Learn to understand angel numbers (1 on 1 sessions)


    Some of the most common Angel numbers are 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 911 – but what do they mean? Many people search for the answers on a search engine. The problem with that is that Angel Numbers mean different things to different people, depending on what you were doing, thinking and feeling in the moment, and the Angel Number websites don’t know what you were doing, thinking and feeling, so they just give you some of the general meanings of the numbers – which is why each website will tell you something different.

    This will help you to understand Angel numbers, synchronicities & spiritual messages and is done over 3 sessions of 1-1.5 hours each session.

    1st Session: Single digit numbers, and double digit numbers.

    2nd Session: Tripple digit numbers, quadruple digit numbers, and progressive numbers.

    3rd Session: Mixed numbers & how to interpret number meanings in the moment.

  • Past life recall (journey deep into your past lives)


    This session will take you on a deep journey into your past where you will discover your most recent past life.

  • Progressive awareness meditation (meditation for over-thinkers)


    Do you struggle with meditating? Does your mind wander every time you try to do it? Progressive meditation is for those who’s mind’s drift off during meditation, and can’t stay focused on sitting in silence. This meditation isn’t about just sitting in silence, or or trying to release your energy, it actually combines several meditation techniques to help you achieve a meditation without your mind wandering. This mentoring session will help you to start meditating, even if you do have a mind that is not balanced, because I will teach you how to bring balance back to your mind and energy, so that you can meditate well.

    Things we will cover in this mentoring session are…

    • Breath work.
    • Grounding.
    • Being in the now.
    • Being in peace with your surroundings & environment.
    • Advanced meditation techniques to be able to open up to your heart centre and be more centred.
    • Re-aligning with your soul energy (soul re-alignment).
    • Being at one with the universe.
    • Being at one with nature.
  • Trauma Healing (heal from your past)


    In a trauma healing session, I use a technique which I have created called ‘timeline healine’. I will guide you through the differences traumatic events on your timeline , and we will bring understanding to what happened, learn the lessons needed, and release the energy and event from your energy. We will detach negativity from your present timeline, create a new timeline with only positivity in it, and detach from your past lives.

    Regular trauma healing session: A regular trauma healing session, will consist of under 5 trauma’s, and will take approximately 1 hour to do. However, please bear in mind that it will also involve me preparing your trauma’s on a timeline document before the session which will take approximately 1 hour. And so, the price reflects this too.

    Deep trauma healing session: A deep trauma healing session will be over 5 trauma’s, and can take between 1 – 2 hours to do. However, please bear in mind that it will also involve me preparing your trauma’s on a timeline document before the session which can take 1 – 3 hours, depending on how many trauma’s there are, and how much is involved. And so, the price reflects this too.

  • Weekly group chat (first week free)

    Join a group of like-minded individuals who you can open up to and share experiences with, and hear their stories as well as ask me question and get guidance from me. This will be held twice a week and organised through Facebook rooms, so only those who have subscribed to this can enter.

    The ‘group mentoring session’ room chats are spiritual and not religious and are created to help people to heal from their past, understand their experiences, manage their energy, understand heir spiritual awakening and much more. Each ‘group mentoring session’ room chat session will last 1.5 to 2 hours and, you can come and go as you need to. Please message me on messenger here once you’ve paid, so we can make further arrangements.

    £19.99 GBP/$24.50 USD per month