Between July 26th and August 12th, the Lionsgate 88 portal opens due to Sirius rising in Leo. This opens a gateway to Sirius, and it’s at it’s strongest on the 8th of August, which is why it’s 8.8.

Each live will cover a variety of techniques including energy healing, downloading light codes, connecting with cosmic beings, world peace meditations and more.

The first Facebook live will commence on the 26th of July, and the more people we have in our events, the stronger the energy will be and the more affective our work will be.

The more people we have in the live meditating with us, the more the energy will increase and be much more effective in manifesting here on Earth. Please share these lives in as many a few spiritual groups as you can, and to your friends.


Please share every live to your profile, page, and as many friends and spiritual Facebook groups as you can, so that more people can help us help this planet to heal.

Do you want to help?

Calling all Lightworkers, Star Seeds, Earth Angels & Empaths

Starting July 26th through to August 12th, we will be doing events to bring healing, awakenings and to promote world peace, including Ukraine. We need people to help us get the message out to other groups and we also need people to share them on their profiles and pages too. The more people we get, the more energy we create, so the more affective our work will be during our Facebook Live meditations. We are hoping to be able to draw hundreds of souls to help come together and send light and love at the same time (I will guide you through the whole thing).

Help us by meditating with us in the live’s, and you can help us to promote the Facebook Live events by sharing them into spiritual groups and on your profile/page and other peoples too (if they allow), we need as many people as we can get to make this work. This is aimed at bringing love and light healing and peace to the planet during this highly charged time. The more people that join us, the more powerful this will be. We ask that lightworkers, star seeds, earth angels and empaths to come together so we can bring about change. Energy really can change things, if it’s powerful enough. We are not going to do this for self gain, or to promote services or to promote any group.

Together – we can bring change!

The first live broadcast, will likely be a world peace meditation where we focus on downloading light and healing for the Earth, and bring awareness to the Ukrainian situation (without blame or judgement), just to encourage peace and harmony etc. And if you have any suggestions, we could also do other places too, as well as send healing to individuals who need help, and we all put our minds and hearts together in all of the groups etc, and then send energy at the same time.

Our Facebook Live schedule…

We will be live on Facebook, on my profile, shared to several spiritual groups.

1) Clearing and charging – clear and charge your energy, and prepare it ready for receiving higher wisdom and energy – July 26th.
2) World peace meditation (Global) – We will send healing to the Crystalline grid, the Earth, and the people of the Earth – July 31st.
3) Heart chakra activation – activate your DNA, and release wounds of the heart and any grief or sadness that has burdened you – August 3rd.
4) World peace meditation (Ukraine) – We will send healing to Ukraine – August 7th.
5) Global awakenings & DNA activation – Send energy to the Earth so that more people can awaken – August 8th.
6) Psychic downloads & light codes – Download psychic energy and light codes. Connect to the portal in your dreams – August 12th.