For so many people, they just don’t know who they are, or what they are about anymore. Quite often, we can live a life of not paying attention to our energy, and our thoughts, and feelings. And for others, traumatic events can happen where you focus heavily on how you feel, but not what you feel. The difference is when you focus on how you feel, you start concentrating on the emotions and increasing them. You may feel hurt because of a relationship breakup, the death of a loved one, or because of a tragic event such as abuse etc. This can cause us to think things like ‘why me?’, ‘why do people hurt me?’, ‘why can’t I be happy’ etc. But when we focus on what we feel, we stasrt to pay attention to the emotions and how we are affected by them. The former takes us further away from our soul, and the latter brings us closer to it.

When you do soul work, you should go within you and focus on your emotions and release them, rather than allow them to keep hurting you over and over. You can feel your soul if you navigate away from your mind. Bring the soul into your energy, it’s passion, it’s drive, it’s love and compassion, it’s energy is really wonderful if you align with it the right way.

The soul doesn’t get broken, but our connection to it can. When we realign with the soul, it can rejuvinate us. Check our my soul realignment session for more information on this.

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