There is a piece of divine spark within each of us. For so long, we have been brainwashed into thinking a certain way. It starts when we are a child, our parents teach us… don’t do this – or that will happen. That might sound like a preventative measure from getting hurt, but it’s also creating fear.

How school controls us
School does not teach us to be free, be us, be who we were born to be. Instead, it teaches us fear, so that we must work hard, and we must gain grades and higher education to be able to live life in the modern world. We go to school and they program us to working hard to get our grades and then get a job. For most people, they don’t need their grades to know how to life their adult life, yet it’s still taught to us. What schools don’t teach us is how to cope with hurt or trauma or a breakup, or how to let go of the past and bring forgiveness to our minds. They don’t teach us how to be happy and free, and live life in an abundant way.

How politics controls us
And then there’s politics. Politicians teach us to fear the opposite party because terrible things will happen if we vote wrong. It’s all fear and control!

How religion controls us
Religion plays a huge part in this too, and they often teach us negative fearful things such as a vengeful god, a god that judges us, a god that will punish us if we do something wrong. All fear and control – none of it true!

How friends controls us
Even if they mean well, friends still control us. We listen to friends, we take their advice onboard and it can cause us to make decisions that aren’t right for us, just because we trust them. But what exactly are we trusting when we trust friends, and why are we doing it? Sometimes their guidance is sound, and other time, we just trust them blindly because we believe they have our best interests at heart. But what use is their best interests for us, if they guide us, and then we end up suffering in the long run because of it? Unless the freind is wise, and knows their stuff on the subject they are talking about, then they’re simply not qualified to guide you. For example, you may be in a relationship, and your friend says… ‘you deserve more than him, why don’t you go out tonight and let your hair down’. You’ve just set yourself up for inner conflict. It’s not that you shouldn’t go out, it’s that you should be going within you to figure out what’s going on first, before you make things worse. We often act without thinking based on the advice of friends and others. What we need to do is to stop asking questions, stop asking unqualified people’s advice, because they just don’t have all of the answers, and so they’re just guessing anyway. Instead of this, we should use our intuition, our gut instinct and our psychic abilities to get our answers, or get a great reader to give us a reading. We all have psychic abilities even if we are not aware of it, and you can learn how to use them here.

Understanding our own inner divinity
When we start listening to our intuition instead of our minds and our friends, we start to realise that we are taking back control of ourselves. Try meditating and feeling your soul, and whilst you are there, feel how powerful it is. There’s your inner divinity right there. Please click here to book a 1 hour 1 on 1 guidance session with me.

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