About Me

I’m a spiritual adviser, psychic & higher awareness coach, healing facilitator, 9th dimensional Earth Angel. I specialise in helping people to discover themselves, heal from the past and understand what they are here to achieve. I worked 3 years on oranum as a psychic reader, before I was guided to work as a spiritual mentor. I help people to work on their inner child healing, their trauma’s, their vibration, self discovery, helping them to understand their life purpose and why they are here as well as helping people to discover, harness and work with their abilities.

My Story

When I was young

When I was 8 years of age, I had a dream. In the dream I left my body and went above the Earth and joined lots of Angels, and other cosmic beings, and together, we sent love and light energy into the Earth. Whilst doing this, it felt completely normal, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do, but when I woke up, I felt weird because my human ego kicked in. The very next night, I had the same dream. the next night, the same dream. This continued over the next few weeks, the next few months, a total of 3 years non-stop. All of a sudden, it all stopped and I felt completely abandoned, completely alone. As I grew up, I realised that I was extremely different to other people. I saw things that other people didn’t see, I knew things other people didn’t, and I always knew that I didn’t belong on this planet.

My gifts abilities and talents

i’ve always been different, and I stood out a mile (so to speak). I saw things in different ways to most others people, and i seemed to just know things that others didn’t, and I feel the energy, emotions and feelings of other people. My unique perception of things, always tends to bring a high understanding to people in my readings and mentoring sessons.

My spiritual awakening

Fast forwarding a few years, I then went through my spiritual awakening, and it was then that I started to remember who I was, what I was, and how I’m connected in the spiritual realm. I remembers my spirit team (many Archangels and several cosmic beings including Arcturians etc), and I was shown very clearly that I am to help people here on Earth, and that the dreams I had when I was 8 was because I am a grid worker and a gatekeeper (I create teams of people to clear negative earth energy, and download higher, much more higher vibrations, healing light energy from source. For more information about gridworking please contact me directly.

During my awakening, I was shown synchronicities of webcams and then a particular website, of which I joined and became a psychic reader for around 3 years. The time came when I outgrew working on the website, and I was then shown very clearly that I should work in social media groups. It was then that I found the inspiration to write my first Facebook group post ever. From that post, I got so many people messaging me, asking me to mentor them. I realised very quickly that this is what I should be doing. And so, here I am now still mentoring, still reading, still healing and still teaching – just more more aware and much more knowledgeable and more connected to higher realms too!